slide 1Perhaps you already know the story of your favorite comic book artist. You see, putting pencil to paper is how it all starts. Since that fateful day in 1938 when Superman bounded into life in the first issue of Action Comics, artists ...

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Comic books are underrated, but are also great wellsprings of creativity and passion. Over the years, there have been quite a huge number of comic books that have really made their mark in the industry.

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slide 3The graphic novel is one form that the comic can take. While the comic book is more widely known and has definitely enjoyed more history, it can’t be kept a secret (much like the existence of online shops ...

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Comic Books and Why You Should Start Reading Them

Some people like to read. In reading, there also seems to be a divide between people who enjoy books that contain words, sentences, and paragraphs only, while on the other hand, there are people who prefer picture books, which also sometimes points to comic books. Sure, you can say that there really should be no conflict between the two, but too many cases have been made for books (other people even build a website for such books), so maybe comics also need to have their day in the sun. A lot of people talks about their favorite comic book and "most people use gratis datingsite gratis berichten sturen" or most people use free dating site to send free messages about comic stories.


In that case, if you’ve been too interested in books and you’ve somehow lost the capacity to really stop and appreciate the value of comic books, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few reasons why you should continue to read comic books. Or, at the very least, if you still haven’t started, it would be good to begin now.

Top Reasons For Why You Should Read Comic Books

Do you "know wat te doen in amsterdam in de herfstvakantie this year?" or know what to do in amsterdam in the autumn holiday this year? If some people prefer to spend on vacations such as a grand Amsterdam holiday where you can get the ctrip promo code to save on your flight, there are also quite a number who would like to splurge on comic books. In case you’re wondering why, here are a few reasons why (and maybe you should start reading them now, too).

Comic books help you to think differently.

Readers of comic books must process all the different components—visual, spatial, and textual—of what they are reading and integrate these components into one solid understanding of the story. This means that, even though comic books may appeal to readers for the same reason these individuals are drawn to other forms of entertainment, such as television and video games, reading these books actually involves much more complex processing.

Comic books help you to love reading.

Lots of people, especially young readers who are struggling to improve their reading skills, can benefit from the visual format of comic books and graphic novels. Several studies have indicated that comic books often appeal to readers who find other material too challenging or uninteresting. With their intense visuals and focus on plot and characters, comic books can be much more engaging than other literary media, such as novels or short stories. You can read your favorite comic book online but you have to always check glasvezel availability in your area or fiber optic in your area.

Stories can help to stimulate your brain.

A recent study was conducted, relating stories to brain activity. This study showed how reading a compelling novel changed participants' neuron activity not only while they were reading but also for several days after they finished the novel that was assigned to them. Stories can actually change the ways in which our brains function and the ways in which you think. With this, you can say that there’s more to stories than just being stuff you can use to avoid getting bored.

Comic books help to boost your status of cool-ness.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've likely heard of all of these characters. You've probably even seen most of their movies. You know why? Because superheroes are cool. And where do superheroes originate from? Comic books. If you enjoy big superhero blockbusters, such as The Avengers or The Dark Knight, there's no reason you won't enjoy the stories from whence these adaptations came.

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